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Frequently Asked Questions - Dermal Fillers

Q: What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are smooth and injectable gels which restore or add volume to the face. These fillers are made up of the synthetic sugar molecule of Hyaluronic acid.

Hertford Aesthetics uses Teosyal® from Teoxane, which has a full range of injectable dermal fillers made of non-animal origin and biodegradable Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural skin component already present in our bodies. It acts like a sponge and retains large quantities of water to keep the skin plumped, firm and smooth.

Over time, our natural levels of Hyaluronic Acid diminish, which is where fillers can help – literally filling wrinkles and hollow areas from within.

Fillers vary in density (thickness), which determines which area they can be used in to achieve the desired result, whether that is to provide contour, or create symmetry, or enhance a particular feature such as the lips or lifting the cheeks.

Q: Are they safe?

Yes but this procedure should only be carried out by a trained medical professional.

The type of dermal fillers that contain Hyaluronic Acid are well tolerated as it naturally occurs in our bodies. Teosyal® fillers are pure and safe to use.

However, as with all medications, side effects can occur.

Q: What may happen?

Common Reactions

Mild to moderate in first week

Temporary lasting no more than 1 week.

Skin reactions are influenced by: site, depth & number of injections. Also by the skin type of the client, quality and purity of the product.

All procedures are technique sensitive.

At treatment site:

  • redness, swelling, tenderness

  • itchiness, numbness

  • bruising, bleeding, discolouration

  • infection risk

Less Common

Resolving within 15 days to 3 months

  • Nodules, lumpiness

  • Blockage of blood vessels - white area

Lips may take a longer time to settle

Rare & more severe side effects

  • Necrosis, granuloma, abscess

  • Allergy - extremely rare with hyaluronic acid fillers

Dermal fillers can be dissolved with a substance called Hyalase, if there is an unwanted reaction. It should be noted that there are also side effects and an allergy risk with Hyalase.

Q: How quickly will results appear?

You will see the results immediately.

Q: How long will the results last?

The results of dermal fillers will last approximately between 9-18 months. However, this dependent on which thickness and type of filler is used.

Q: Will the injections hurt?

There can be slight discomfort at the site of the injection but this typically lasts no more than 30 seconds. Teosyal® fillers contain a local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort.

Additional dental local anaesthetic can be provided especially for the sensitive lip area to reduce discomfort. Anaesthetic cream can also be applied to the skin.

Q: How do I know which product is best for me?

Hertford Aesthetics uses RHA Teosyal® dermal fillers, which are the top of the range, which provides each patient with naturally looking results.

The type most suitable for you will be discussed in detail at your free no obligation consultation together with your personalised treatment plan.

If you are thinking about having the dermal filler treatment or have further questions or would like to book in, please contact Hertford Aesthetics today, either by email or by phone at 07973750116.

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