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Lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume can have a psychological impact on you. Hertford Aesthetics gives you non-surgical solutions of anti-wrinkle and volumising filler therapies for the whole face. Hertford Aesthetics only uses regulated, safe and trademarked products.

Being a dentist, Dr. Sushma Klausen has the knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy, which is the key to a successful outcome. Dr. Klausen's dental skills enable her to provide comfortable treatment and experience.

Each person is unique and requires an individual assessment and treatment plan, which may be a combination of therapies to achieve the desired result.

Hertford Aesthetics provides a 2-week review after treatments. A modification service if necessary is available for anti-wrinkle treatments at no extra charge, for a review period of 2 months to ensure each client achieves the best possible results.

The treatments require careful planning with respect to the site, dose, and injection technique to minimise side effects and complications. It is better to "baby step" the procedures and the 2 month review period provided at Hertford Aesthetics allows for close monitoring of each case.

Each client attending Hertford Aesthetics should have confidence that their concern is dealt with discretion and with the clinic's aim to provide a complete service from consultation, treatment, aftercare, and review.


Dr. Sushma Klausen BDS (1985) Manchester

BDA, MDDUS and a member of BotinulumToxin Training Club (BTC)

Member of ACE

Private Dentist at Hudson's Dental Care, Hertford

Please click here to email or call 07973750116 to book your free consultation / review.



Highfield House,


SG13 8UJ

Off-street free parking available.

Clinic Open from 9.30 am - 8 pm (Monday - Saturday)

Sundays available by request


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